10 Secrets in The Ringed City DLC

The Ringed City is FromSoftware’s final piece of DLC  for the Souls series in general. While this is somewhat bittersweet for a super fan like myself, I have to admit that Miyazaki and company really ended the series with a bang. In typical Dark Souls fashion, there are a ton of secrets to find. Below are 10 secrets in The Ringed City DLC. *SPOILERS WARNING*

10. Iron Dragonslayer Armor

After fighting Drangonslayer Armor in Lothric Castle, many fans were hoping to be able to don the armor, but this was not to be. Luckily, FromSoftware has now put a way for players to acquire the armor set inside the new Ringed City dlc. To get the armor, head to the swamp area and furthest left side point (easy way is to go to the cathedral with The Ringed Knights and follow the cliff edge). Defeat the Dragonslayer armor and the set is yours.

9. Lapp Armor

Lapp is an NPC you meet in The Dreg Heap of The Ringed City DLC. This NPC has gone hollow and can’t seem to remember who he once was. There are two ways to acquire Lapps armor: kill him immediately and purchase his set from the Shrine Handmaid, or complete Lapp’s questline. If you chose to kill Lapp, congratulations, you are a horrible person.

Lapp’s questline is a bit complicated and does require certain things being completed in order. The second time you meet Lapp is near the Earthen Peak’s first bonfire (1st pic). Lapp will tell you to collect the treasure in the upcoming poison area. The treasure is actually the Ring of Favor 3+ and is located on the tree branch above the caves in the poison area. Collect the ring and return to Lapp.

Lapp will move further into The Ringed City and can be found near The Ringed City Inner Wall bonfire. Look for Lapp standing on a balcony and talk to him. After talking to Lapp, he will move yet again. This time Lapp is located in a circular room with seats. To access this room, head down the stairs into the swamp area; go left along the building and take the ladder up; head across the bridge past the two Ringed Knights and continue until you reach the room with Lapp. Talk to Lapp and learn about the Purging Monument.

Purging Monument

To access the Purging Monument, unlock the shortcut to the bonfire near the swamp area. Look for an inscription on the wall which mentions showing humanity. Head out into the swamp and use Chameleon or White Birch to transform into a humanity looking wisp. As the wisp, return to the inscription and a ladder will fall. This ladder leads to the Purging Monument.

Return to Lapp and tell him about the Purging Monument to get him to head to the last part of the quest. Cross the bridge where the dragon breathes fire and head into the mines. Hang a right in the mines and you will find Lapp inside the room here. Talk to Lapp to discover a surprise and then the armor is yours.

 8. Dragon (Optional) Boss

It wouldn’t be Dark Souls without some type of dragon making an appearance. In this case, the dragon follows you throughout your journey through The Ringed City, until eventually attacking you on a bridge. The first bridge you can’t really do anything about the dragon, but the second encounter you can. Kill the Dragon and knock it off the bridge into the abyss below. This will allow you to access the optional boss fight.

To get to the boss arena, head to the Church bonfire and take the elevator down. On the way down, you will notice a door about midway down the wall. Enter the door and head into the room with the Dark Knight statues. Hit the statue to reveal an illusory wall and stair behind it. Go down the stairs and drop down into the hole behind the the altar.

7. Shira

When you make it to The Ringed City, you probably ran into a locked door at the top of the center street stairway. Behind this locked door is Shira. What is interesting about Shira is that she will attack you if you head to the ruined chapel in Slave Knight Gael’s boss arena. Killing Shira opens the locked door in The Ringed City and gives you access to Shira’s equipment.

6. When Angels Deserve to Die

When you entered the Dreg Heap, you probably noticed some vicious angels who would barrage you to death with lazers. Like me, you probably also thought, “cheap From, real cheap”. Well, there is actually a way to remove the angels from the area. This makes exploration much easier.

To remove the angels, look for these chained up creatures in the second picture. These creatures appear to either control the angels, or have infected them in some way. Kill the chained creatures and the angel they are tethered to will disappear.


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