10 Games to Play this Halloween

It’s the eve of Halloween and I’m sitting here wondering what I should do to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. Typically my Halloween involves eating candy and some form of horror themed entertainment. Since I like gaming, the entertainment I choose is often horror games. If you’re interested in making this Halloween especially spooky, check out one of these 10 games to play this Halloween.

10. Resident Evil 4

The first 10 minutes of Resident Evil 4 have to be some of the most nerve-wracking and tense minutes I’ve experienced in gaming. Leon S. Kennedy is tasked with rescuing the daughter of a former US President, who is being held captive by a Spanish cult. When Leon begins the game, he enters an old village. Inside this village are a number of infected cultists. The cultist turn on you immediately and force you to seek shelter inside a nearby house. While being surrounded by Spanish cultists is creepy, things get more spooky as a chainsaw begins to rev in the distance. While I won’t spoil the fun of this moment, know that RE4 is both scary AND a good game. This is a rare combination and should be experienced by every gamer.

9. Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages released back in 2012 and became a viral success as soon as it hit the net. Based on a creepypasta from the Something Awful forums, Slender is a fun, creepy, freeware game that tasks you with collecting eight pages scattered throughout a dark, wooded map, while the Slenderman chases you. What makes the horror in Slender: The Eight Pages so effect is the subtleness. The game avoids overwhelming you with scares and instead chooses to let your mind do most of the work. I specifically remeber playing this with @FilmApe and us both being scared by it.

8. Costume Quest

While not a horror game, Costume Quest takes place during Halloween and really provides a nice taste of trick or treating if you’ve already aged out of it. Created by Double Fine, Costume Quest follows a group of kids on Halloween as their neighborhood gets invaded by strange creatures. Costume Quest features actual trick or treating, turn based combat, and a general kiddie vibe which is perfect for a chill Halloween evening.

7. Dead Space

Dead Space is a pretty spooky horror game that takes place on an old space station. Player’s take on the role of Isaac Clarke, a ship system engineer, who must deal with a Necromorph infestation on board the Titan Station. What makes this game especially creepy is that Isaac is not really right in the head and this plays out in some interesting scenarios. Couple the horror with an insane collection of weaponry and you have an enjoyable Halloween night playthrough.

6. Outlast

I’ve never personally played Outlast, but I’ve watched many streams of the game and all I can say is that it looks terrifying. What makes the game especially scary is the fact you can’t fight back. Basically your only options in Outlast are to run or hide. This lack of combat makes the game especially creepy as you will spend much of your play time hoping that you won’t be found and brutally killed.

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