10 Games That Should’ve Been Included in the SNES Classic

Now that the SNES Classic is official, we know all the games that are going to be included on the console. In an unsurprising move, Nintendo has kept the lineup relatively ‘popular’, but are missing out on what I feel are a few hidden gems. Below are 10 games that should’ve been included in the SNES Classic.

10. Super Star Wars

Before hard games like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy, there was Super Star Wars. Known for being notoriously difficult, Super Star Wars lets players playthrough the story of a Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Gameplay consists of platforming, side scrolling action, ship use, and lightsaber battles. Having failed to beat Super Star Wars as a kid, it makes me sad to watch YouTuber temujin9000 complete the game in a little over an hour.

9. Radical Rex

During the 90s, children were blessed with Dinosaur – mania. Like the zombies of today, Dinosaurs were everywhere in entertainment. Due to the popularity of dinosaurs, many studios were producing new interpretations of the dinosaur genre. Radical Rex was one such creation. Fans weren’t simply content with playing a T – Rex, they needed the T – Rex to be radical and nothing was more radical than Skateboarding. Like Super Star Wars, I don’t think I ever beat Radical Rex, but I will say that it is probably in the running for my most rented game.

8. Cool Spot

Resident film head, FilmApe swears that Cool Spot is the greatest game ever made and he may be right. If anything, Cool Spot is a prime example of advertising and gaming meshing together in a bizarre yet satisfying way. Cool Spot was a mascot for 7 Up soda and was so beloved, they decided to make a game about it. Omitting Cool Spot feels like a miss for Nintendo as they could’ve easily inserted themselves into the burgeoning gamer fuel market.

7. Pilotwings

The fact Pilotwings was omitted from the SNES Classic is actually criminal. Who doesn’t want to fly various aircrafts, parachute, hang glide, and learn from instructor Tony? The gameplay is great alone, but the soundtrack of Pilotwings is really phenomenal. Leaving out Pilotwings has me actually concerned that Reggie has gone insane.

6. Jurassic Park

If Cool Spot showed that blatant in game advertising works, Jurassic Park proved that movie to game adaptations can work as well. Based on the crazy successful Jurassic Park film (which is based on a book), Jurassic Park is a strange mix of top down, first person, open world, action adventure. In a way, Jurassic Park highlights the absurd ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ mentality that was present in many SNES games. Like every game up to this point, I never beat Jurassic Park and for once I’m glad I didn’t. The ending is absolutely soul – crushingly bad.


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  1. FilmApe says:

    Is it strange that I was listening to the Pilot Wings soundtrack just the other day?

  2. FilmApe says:

    Thanks for including Cool Spot, and acknowledging it as the greatest game ever made. *Surfs away on 7-Up bottle*

  3. FilmApe says:

    Straight up, if Nintendo had of included Super Mario All Stars, that would have been a serious gangster move on their part. You want SNES games, how about one SNES game that is a bunch of NES games…

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